3 Common Misconceptions About Luxury Apartments

25 Sep 3 Common Misconceptions About Luxury Apartments

hot tubMoving is a common thing for most people, it happens all the time. The most common movers are those individuals that rent, 33% of whom move each year. And if you’re one of these renters that are considering moving, you’ve likely admired luxury apartments (often called executive apartments), looking through the pictures, admiring the hot tubs, pools, and workout rooms.

You might have thought that they were too expensive for you, that a luxury apartment with a hot tub and a workout room was a dream. However, the idea that a luxury apartment is unbelievably expensive is just another myth, one of many concerning these properties. So to help you keep your options open, here are a few of the more common myths concerning luxury apartments:

Too Expensive For Anyone But The Rich

We’ll address this one right away. Sure, there are several apartments that are rented by celebrities or billionaires that can spend $10,000’s every month for rent, but those are not the norm. There are a plethora of luxury apartments that are available for affordable monthly rates that the average person can easily afford. Renting is often considered more cost-effective than home-owning, even. So keep your options open. You might not get the hot tub, but there are plenty of luxury spaces that you can look into.

Repairs Can Be a Hassle

When something in a house breaks either you have to fix it, or you have to pay to get it fixed. When something in a luxury apartment breaks, there is onsite maintenance that comes as a convenience for tenants. Sometimes these are offered in the form of 24-hour services. These are often not paid for by the renter, but rather by the individual or business that owns the property.

There Isn’t Any Privacy

This is a pretty common belief, that an apartment offers less privacy than a house. But the truth is that a luxury apartment will offer all the convenience of living in a home without a lot of the hassles. Often times the walls are thick and well insulated, and you don’t hear your neighbor, making privacy a non-issue.

You don’t have to limit yourself when you’re considering moving. If you want the luxury apartment of your dreams, rather than a house, there are options in a similar price range to a combined monthly mortgage and mortgage insurance payment. Don’t let misconception prevent you from living how you want.

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